VirtualWire has been working on various aspects of wireless and communications technology. We have gained in experience by working with a wide range of OEMs for wireless & communications products and understanding along with them, the needs of their customers. Our experience tells us that our strategy should be “solutions driven technology” rather than “technology driven solutions”.

Different solutions have different technology requirements and rather than accepting that this is the technology available and we should build the solution based on it, we try and build the technology that the solution needs.

VirtualWire has focussed on research in three aspects of wireless technology. The first is capacity i.e. how many wireless users (some users may also be using different wireless technologies) can co-exist in an area and get the wireless performance they expect. Some wireless technologies work really well in lab conditions but when they are made to work in real situations with other wireless technologies present or with more number of wireless users, the wireless performance starts to degrade.

The second is speed. Speed matters, particularly if you are trying to transmit one or more HDTV signals wirelessly.

Lastly we work on building technologies which are plug-n-play. If you have ever struggled with the IP settings on your laptop, to get the internet to work in some new place, or tried to simply transfer a file from your laptop to your friend’s laptop outside of an office when you did not have a USB stick, then you will appreciate what we are trying to do. We are working to make entire wireless networks plug-n-play and reduce the headaches for wireless ISPs.